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A religious liberal is committed both to his or her religion and to the belief that governments are established primarily for the protection of individual liberty and human rights.

Historically, the bond between liberalism and religion has always been strong. Together, liberty and religion have helped to greatly reduce human suffering and to create unprecedented waves of prosperity. But liberty and religion cannot be separated:

  • Without a commitment to religion, liberty has led to license and a breakdown of society.
  • Without a commitment to individual liberty, religion has led to fanatical tyranny.
  • Finally, societies without either religion or a commitment to individual liberty and human rights have been living nightmares.
Few people are aware that the very idea of individual liberty and human equality was itself born of religion. By exploring the philosophical and historical roots of liberty, we can learn a great deal about our own world and arm ourselves with the intellectual tools needed to spread the blessings of religious liberalism to those who are enslaved, or in danger of becoming so.

In her book, Liberty God's Gift to Humanity, author and lecturer Chana B. Cox explores the history of these ideas.

This web site provides an introduction to the ideas Liberty, God's Gift to Humanity explores.

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